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With China’s surging economy, her entry into WTO and the anticipation that she will become the world’s leading economy in the coming decade, the rising interest in all things Chinese is no lesser than her impressive economic growth. China’s current economic growth has not only aroused the interest of businessmen and governments, but also academics and adventurers from all over the world.

There is more reason than ever to learn and master the Chinese language. Every day, more and more people from the world over are beginning to deal with China, be it in the political arena, for work or leisure. For example, it is now a common practice among Ivy League graduates to spend some time learning Mandarin in Beijing to better equip themselves for possible future interaction with elements of the new global leader. Multinational corporations are rushing to China’s doorstep, some in search of cheap labour and others with a dream to capture a consumer market of over a billion people.

The stories of China’s emergence and the trends that follow it cannot be told in a few words, but suffice to say, it is increasingly important for people today to learn and speak Mandarin language.

Hence the birth of The Mandarin Centre in 2004 to promote Chinese culture and achieved HSK Certificate. We pride ourselves in providing first class corporate and business mandarin class, IGCSE mandarin, Chinese and mandarin teacher training.

With more than 10 years’ experience of working with private and public sector organizations across all industries and sectors, The Mandarin Centre ideally placed to help you achieve the level of business or social Mandarin Chinese you require. Some of our partners are Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR), Mercedes Benz Malaysia, Prasarana Malaysia, FJ Benjamin, Danone Dumex, SCA Hygiene, Vonda Group, Rohas Euco Industries, UEM, Great Eastern, RHB Bank, OCBC Bank, Standard & Chartered Bank, OSK, ASLI, TV3, 8TV, Astra Zeneca, Chartis, CLSA, Digi, Khazanah Nasional, MNC Wireless, MITI, Boustead Holdings, Naqiz & Partners… & many more.


每天接触中国的人民越来越多,无论是政治,工作或旅游。 如今 Ivy League 的毕业生也选择留在北京学习普通话,以便更好地武装自己,好让自己能与未来的中国领导者进行互动。跨国公司纷纷涌向中国,有些是为了寻找廉价劳动,有些则想在这个庞大的消费市场占有一席。


因此,在2004年时,The Mandarin Centre 开始宣扬华语文化及荣获 HSK 证书。在这里,我们提供世界第一企业和商业华语课程,IGCSE 华语,和华语老师训练等等。

The Mandarin Centre 与各行业的私人公司和公共机构拥有超过10年的合作经验。我们可以协助您达到商务或社交所需的汉语水平。一些与我们合作的伙伴包括:

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